TG4 - The Appassionato Felt Timpani Mallet

TG4 - The Appassionato Felt Timpani Mallet


The TG4 or "Appassionato" is the largest and most lush sounding mallet in my line, producing big, round, single notes, like the slow triplets in the opening of Brahms 1st Symphony. Though they are heavier than most of my mallets, they are not cumbersome. They have the perfect amount of agility for a big mallet.  The cork core frees up the front end weight, and the enhanced weight distribution moves the weight from the very top part of the stick down to the shoulder.

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Length: 37.5cm

Weight: 37g

Grip width: 11.1-11.9mm

Upper shaft width: 10.8-11.5mm

Head diameter: 40mm

Head height: 32mm

Core: Cork