TG5 - The Leggiero Roller Felt Timpani Mallet

TG5 - The Leggiero Roller Felt Timpani Mallet


The TG5 or Leggiero Rollers are the first of two rollers that I have developed. This pair uses a thin Tonkin bamboo shaft and is a bit lighter (33g) than my other roller, The Pesante. I have come to find that this mallet will produce a gorgeous soft roll on all drums, but is ideal for the two upper drums. To my delight, this mallet also has enough front end weight to make it a beautiful legato mallet for single notes. I found it to be a perfect mallet for the fourth movement of Concerto for Orchestra by Bartok.

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Length: 37.5cm

Weight: 33g

Grip width: 9.6-10.4mm

Upper shaft width: 10.2-10.7mm

Head diameter: 38mm

Head height: 34mm

Core: Cork