TG3 - The "Tonal" Felt Timpani Mallet

TG3 - The "Tonal" Felt Timpani Mallet


The TG3 or "Tonal" has the same name as one of my sticks in the Vic Firth line, but is different because of the construction, weight and the use of bamboo for the stick. I used the same name because the concept in sound is the same.  It is a warm, dark mallet that can articulate. I use a slightly thicker width bamboo than the TG1 & 2 to add the correct amount of low overtones in the sound. I found that using the "hard side" of the felt on one of the inner wraps produced a bit more definition. This is a great general mallet.

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Length: 37.5cm

Weight: 36g

Grip width: 10.7-11.3mm

Upper shaft width:10.5-11mm

Head diameter: 32mm

Head height: 30mm

Core: Tape