Why do you use two different kinds of bamboo?

The main difference between the two types of bamboo is the thickness of the wall. The seamless bamboo, like the one on the TG1 "Go-To" mallet, has a thinner wall which makes it much lighter than the other bamboo, called Tonkin Bamboo. This thinner walled bamboo is very flexible and because it is so light, I can fill it with the enhanced weight adjustment to give it better balance. I use this bamboo on the mallets that need more rebound, because of the nature of the stick, it needs to get off the head quicker. The Tonkin type mallets, like all the flannel mallets need to stay on the head a bit longer to get the best sound. Both types were very carefully researched to get optimal sound quality and feel. They are both treated with a sealer to avoid any kind of cracking. Both are also acuired from the higher elevations which promotes much healthier bamboo.

What if my mallets break....do you provide a warranty?

Yes!!! Unlike most other companies, my mallets have a lifetime warranty which covers the bamboo, grips, screws and caps, cores, and inner layers of felt. The outer layer is not covered, but can be shipped to me when it wears out, and I'll recover it for you, or you can buy any of the recovering kits offered through this website.


How do I order wholesale?

Simply goto the contact page and let me know who you are and I will send you a wholesale price list.


Why are your mallets more expensive than most others?

There's an old saying, "You get what you pay for." Once you try my mallets you will see very quickly that they are superior to anything else on the market. Feel, sound....everything. As one professional in one of the European Orchestra's put it..."They just work better than the others!" Give em a try...if you are not totally sold on them, return them...no questions asked.

Any other questions?

Just ask.