TG9 - The "Rite of Spring" Felt Timpani Mallet

TG9 - The "Rite of Spring" Felt Timpani Mallet


I normally never agree with naming a mallet after a specific piece for the simple reason of not wanting to "pigeon hole" a mallet to one piece, but with this pair, I couldn't resist. This mallet really is perfect for the Rite of Spring, especially the Danse Sacrale at the end. It is quite a bit heavier than the others, has a thicker Tonkin shaft and uses felt that is very hard but easy to split. The best description of this mallet came from a colleague when I was playing the Main Title to Star Wars. He told me, " Those are the warmest, hard mallets, I've ever heard." They are not meant to play fast passages, but instead, are meant to get a big fat sound while still being a hard mallet.

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Length: 37cm

Weight: 47g

Grip width: 12-12.5mm

Upper shaft width: 12.2-12.7mm

Head diameter: 32mm

Head height: 21mm

Core: Wood