TG7 - The "Dolce Staccati" Felt Timpani Mallet

TG7 - The "Dolce Staccati" Felt Timpani Mallet


I always found that there was a lack of dolce or "pretty" sounding mallets that can achieve a quick response in articulation. The "Dolce Stacatti" or TG7 solves this problem. Its small head size with just the right inner wrap gives this mallet a sweet tone without losing its articulate qualities. I also used a slightly thicker bamboo shaft along with the enhanced weight balance system, resulting in a better feel. The upper overtones are increased while the low ones are held to a minimum. I love this mallet for the Concerto for Seven Winds and Timpani by Martin, or for any of the Schumann symphonies.

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Length: 37cm

Weight: 35g

Grip width: 11-11.8mm

Upper shaft width: 10.8-11.6mm

Head diameter: 27mm

Head height: 22mm

Core: Tape