TG1 - The "Go-To" Felt Timpani Mallet

TG1 - The "Go-To" Felt Timpani Mallet


The TG1 or "Go-To" is my absolute favorite mallet. The name describes it's versatility, and the fact that I keep "going to it" when I'm not sure of an appropriate mallet to use. Constructed with seven layers of felt, these mallets are complex in design. A tape core covered with different types of extremely snug wraps make these mallets a gem. They are warm, but focused in articulation, with lots of throw and rebound making this mallet very easy to play.

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Weight: 34g

Grip width: 10.5-10.9mm

Upper shaft width: 10-10.6mm

Head diameter: 30mm

Head height: 29mm

Core: Tape

Length: 37.5cm