TG10 - The Large Flannel Timpani Mallet - Medium

TG10 - The Large Flannel Timpani Mallet - Medium


The medium and soft version of the TG10 Flannel Mallets are the newest additions to my mallet line. I have one primary objective with these mallets - faster immediate sound with no edge to the attack. I have always been bothered by flannel mallets that have too much "grain" in the attack, so, I made a mallets that eliminates this. The medium mallet has become my most used and versatile mallet....I can use it in Beethoven or as far as Mahler or Stravinsky.

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Length: 36cm

Weight: 35g

Grip width: 10.3-11mm

Upper shaft width: 10.5-11.2mm

Head diameter: 32mm

Head height: 18mm

Number of sheets: 30